No project is like the other.

A new location, new participants, new requirements and circumstances require an individual approach. We use our experience to develop functional real estate concepts that are more than standard.

  • modern architecture which consequently meets the needs of the users
  • innovative detailed solutions that add up to create real added value for the property
  • comprehensive structural improvements for municipalities and the population through a valuable contribution to urban development

Our offer is the total package of our competencies as an investor, developer and operator of sophisticated real estate projects.

What matters

We know the requirements of municipalities and real estate users. Our motivation as an active partner is to develop individual solutions and bring interests together. Our work with municipalities and tenants is based on that self-concept.


We know that quality comes before quantity when designing and realizing commercial real estate. The decisive factor is that FONDARA acts as an independent investor that already takes the various aspects of the project scope into consideration from the preparation and planning stage. We assume the overall responsibility to provide municipalities, as well as future tenants, the framework for a successful project completion.  

FONDARA project development maintains an organization in which internal and external communication are a given. Our visions and specifications for the project partners are controlled by our management and  followed up by the individual partners. According to this method, we work closely together and for each other.


We build for people. Together with you, we create lively marketplaces and business centers that the population perceives as an enrichment of their living environment: leisure time, work, shopping and communication in an urban environment.

Realistically planned and sustainable projects are an essential contribution to stability, solidity and continuity in a people-oriented urban development that is.   

We are your active partner

Benefit from our many years of experience - to include solving problems that sometimes slow down processes. We understand the requirements of the public sector and respond to them as an active partner.  Find out about our innovative one-stop solutions in the areas:   

  •     Architecture
  •     Ecology
  •     Construction
  •     Infrastructure

Our concepts are sustainable and characterized by an economical use of space and energy resources.

We are availabe for a personal consultation.


When we talk about lively business centers and marketplaces, places where people work, spend their leisure time, shop and stroll, we mean functional, value-creating real estate concepts - attractive, diverse and user-oriented.

Your requirements for commercial real estate are particularly important to us:

  • Your requirements for location and attractiveness
  • Your requirement for space and how you want to present yourself
  • Intelligent solutions that are reflected in the incidental costs
  • the creation of an ambience in which customers, guests and employees feel comfortable
  • the building’s flexibility in terms of technology, short distances, variable floor plans, space efficiency

In order to ensure a long-term, profitable management of a commercial property, we also consider “soft factors” from the start, such as the unique identity of the property: a lively and pleasant atmosphere promotes frequency, quality of stay and consumption.

In addition to the location, we also take into account the critical success factors of the individual types of real estate:  


Diverse mix of branches and space, optimal infrastructure
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Office and Commercial Real Estate

Space efficiency, sqm/employee, building flexibility (sound, technology, fire prevention, short distances)
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Optimal economic size, the right product at the right location, incidental costs
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We know your needs and are your active partner - benefit from our lean structures which make it possible to deliver high-quality equipment and comprehensive basic services that are not included as a fixed rate in the incidental costs. Trust our experience in the project development of commercial real estate. We are available for a personal consultation.