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Our understanding of sustainability

More than 30 years of real estate development responsibly with a sense of permanence….

Responsibility. Innovation. Sustainability.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) – key concepts that are already of considerable importance within the EU and the national communities and will continue to grow in scope in the future.

Long before the EU’s "Green Deal" of 2019, Fondara Immobilien AG focused its corporate policy towards sustainable real estate development that went far beyond the legal requirements, e.g. the use of groundwater geothermal energy with heat pumps was already established in the early 2000s.

The district and shopping center MIRA in Munich was planned and built even before the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) was established. This was done at a quality level which, upon completion, led to one of the first properties to be certified as DGNB Platinum. Shortly after the DGNB was founded, we played an active role in the development of the DGNB certification system "New Commercial Buildings."

In the category of new hotel buildings, the "RiemHotels," now operating under the brands H2- and H4 Hotels, was the first property to be certified as DGNB Platinum.

The internationally established LEED certificate, also in the highest quality level of platinum, was awarded to the retail property "NOC" Nordoberpfalz Center Weiden. With regard to the diverse aspects reflected by CSR and ESG, the relevance of sustainable and future-oriented inner-city development also comes into focus in such a project located in the most central part of an inner city.

Fondara Immobilien AG realizes sustainable living spaces with a sustainable building fabric.

Sustainable building fabric. Sustainable investments. Sustainable living spaces.

For more than 30 years, a special focus in the development of Fondara Immobilien AG has been on technical building equipment (TGA). In this context, the construction and implementation in the building as well as in the "operative business," establish an optimal long-term ratio of the overall life cycle costs for the client, portfolio holder and user. In this way, all interest groups of a real estate project benefit from this economic approach in terms of value retention.

Fondara Immobilien AG realizes real estate projects in "property owner quality" which are in accordance with the orientation of the EU Commission on the sustainability performance of companies, and stand their ground in the environment of the financing instrument "ESG-Linked Loan."

The people around the Fondara Immobilien AG, apart from the technocratic aspects, realize above all one thing: sustainable living spaces for people.

Sustainability Transformation and Green Finance

A careful analysis of the location environment, not only with regard to the current framework conditions, but also with a focus on future developments and development opportunities, enables Fondara Immobilien AG to develop real estate – in most cases with the involvement of future users and their strategic corporate goals – characterized by an optimized space concept that allows for secure uses for decades to come.

More than 30 years of experience with the previously described sustainable orientation of Fondara Immobilien AG make us a strong partner for the real estate sustainability transformation of your company and, within the framework of "Green Finance," provide access to improved credit conditions for your new locations.

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